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  GC1700 Subcompact Tractors: 22.5 - 25 Eng HP

 M Series Premium Compact Tractors: 35 - 60 Eng HP

What makes these tractors premium is advanced engineering that goes above and beyond. Featuring performance options typical of bigger tractors but with the simplicity and fuel efficiency of a compact, Massey Ferguson M Series Premium compacts are ideal for general maintenance on small mixed and specialty farms, horse farms, hunting properties or for landscaping and construction

The 1800E tractors are Massey Ferguson's economy compact tractors but don't let that fool you into thinking these tractors are lacking in features. These are true no nonsense workhorses for those looking for an open station compact tractor that is simple and utilitarian. Available with either a mechanical 9x3 or hydrostatic transmission.

  1800E Compact Tractors: 25 - 40 Eng HP

  5700S Mid-Range Tractors: 110 - 130 Eng HP

Massey Ferguson is synonymous with quality and tradition with a history dating back over 150 years in the industry. Massey Ferguson created the world’s first three-point hitch. Add to that Massey Ferguson’s generations of global experience and you have all the proof you need that they are the one to trust when it comes to ultimate practicality and dependability — ultimate customer value.
It’s no wonder Massey Ferguson has earned the loyalty of farmers throughout the world.

You’ve got a ton of different jobs to get done every day, and the last thing you need is a lightweight tractor that shies away from the tough ones. That’s why Massey Ferguson 4700 Series tractors are built extra tough to handle bigger jobs, while giving you added stability and comfort. At a best-in-class base weight of 7,125 lbs., the 4700 Series is purpose-built for more pulling power, more lift capacity and greater maneuverability.

Don't let the small size fool you. The GC1700 Series tractor is far more than an over grown lawn tractor. It offers all the features of a larger tractor in an easy to use package. All models feature rear and mid pto, rear 3pt hitch, hydrostatic transmission and the option of a loader or a loader and backhoe on the GC1723E & 1725M

  4700 Utility Tractors: 70 - 100 Eng HP

The 5700S is Massey Ferguson's most advanced mid-range tractor ever. This premium workhorse gives you the unmatched visibility, unparalleled versatility and high performance you’re looking for, all in a smaller 110-130 HP package. You can find a bigger tractor. But it would be tough to find a better one.

With the new Global Series, Massey Ferguson has taken the concept of the sub-130hp tractor and re-engineered it from the ground up to meet the needs of present and future farming. In this power bracket, no other range on the market today offers such an array of build specifications, options and accessories, all designed to help tailor your machine exactly the way you need it for your operation.

  5700 & 6700 Global Mid-Range Tractors: 100 - 130 Eng HP